Is there compensation for flight delay due to a strike?

It is possible to request for air claim flight compensation depending on the cause of the strike. Employees of airlines and other related operations like that of traffic control do stop working and air out their grievances in this manner. The problem is, if a group such as air traffic control decides to go on a strike, the repercussions can be far and wide. 

On December 2019, there was a strike of the air traffic control in France. Hundred of flights got canceled due to this strike, including those that wanted to their airspace. Flights got grounded and even overflights were reduced because of the walk-out of the traffic controllers. Airlines had to change their flight plans. When circumstances like this happen, flights all over the world are affected, and there is no flight compensation. 


Strikes have different causes

The primary reason for a strike is that the employees are disgruntled by their situation and refuse to continue work until they get what they demand. Strikes are uprisings and cause work stoppage. The adverse effects include the airline losing income and the passengers getting inconvenienced because of flight delay. 

If the people who are on strike are the employees of the airline line the cabin crew, ground crew, and pilots, it is possible to file for compensation. This type of delay or cancelation when the staff of the airline takes industrial action is covered by a possible claim. You can file for compensation for this kind of strike by submitting the requirements at one of the best air claim websites. You may also make inquiries and find out if your claim can be approved. 

Then there are those strikes of the airport staff or of other staff that are not employees of the airline bought a ticket from. If those in a strike are not directly under the employ of the airline, any delay or flight cancelation due to this kind of strike cannot be claimed. So, if there is an air traffic control strike in France, and it affects your flight from the UK, if you file for flight compensation, the claim will be denied. 

The chain reaction

Flights that are canceled due to strike does happen but is not a frequent occurrence. When it does happen, it can have a domino effect on several of the major airports in the world. It is not just the airport itself where the strike is being done, as traveling by air is connected, so if one link in the chain breaks, it affects others. 

Check if you have a valid claim

If your flight has been canceled because of a strike, you can request for a refund or the ticket to be rebooked. If you are one of the stranded passengers, the airline has to take care of you by providing food and beverages. Though the liability for flight cancelations because of strikes does not fall on the airline if it is not their employees that stage the protest, the air carrier company still has responsibility for their passengers. If you are unsure, you can access a reliable air claim site to inquire if you have a valid claim.